2 Samuel – Chapter 18

2 Samuel chapter 18

Verse 1 – David took command as he had in his former days.
Verse 5 – The text makes it clear that David gave specific instructions about Absalom’s treatment, and it emphasizes that all the people heard the king’s orders.
Verse 11 – Joab once again decided to take matters into his own hands for what he believed to be the kings own good.
Verses 12-14 – This man had caught Joab in his hypocrisy. Joab could not answer, but only dismissed him.
Verse 19 – Ahimaaz had been David’s trusted messenger throughout the ordeal. May be he wanted to reach David first to break the news of Absalom’s death gently.
Verse 20 – Sometimes a solitary runner indicated good news and two runners together indicated bad news.
Verse 27 – David’s recognition of Ahimaaz brought the king hope that all is well.
Verses 32, 33 – David’s victory of winning the Kingdome back came with a heavy price of losing his son, Absalom. The gate chamber over the gate provided isolation for David though others could hear the sound of his wailing. Perhaps this is what we call today, “Bitter sweet.” On one side is victory but on the other, sadness over what was lost.

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