2 Samuel – Chapter 19

2 Samuel chapter 19

2 Samuel Chapter 19
Verses 4-7 – Joab’s actions are a helpful example to us when personal confrontation is necessary. Joab told David to go out and encourage his soldiers, lest they abandon him.
Restoration of David
Verse 8 – David sat at the gateway (city gate) because that was where business was conducted and judgment rendered. His presence there showed that he was over his mourning and back in control.
Verse 13 – This appointment of Amasa was a shrewd political move. Amasa had been Absalom’s commander. By replacing Joab, he accomplished two things. He secured the allegiance with the rebels in Israel, and he punished Joab for his previous crimes. All of these moves would help unite the kingdom.
Verses 19, 20 – By admitting his wrong and asking David’s forgiveness Shimei was trying to save his own life. His plan worked for a while. This day was of celebration, not execution. However, we read in 1 Kings 2:8, 9 that David advised Solomon to execute Shimei.
Verses 24-30 – David could not be certain if Mephibosheth or Ziba was in the right, and scripture leaves the question unanswered.
Verses 31-33 – Barzillai was a very wealthy man and had provided for David and his family. David wanted to reward Barzillai for his kindness.
Verse 37 – Barzillai considered himself too old to enjoy royal privileges and preferred to remain in his own city near his family tomb. But he introduced Kimham, who was apparently a close relative, to benefit from David’s offer.
Verse 39 – though Barzillai returned to his home, David never forgot him, later instructing Solomon to continue to show kindness to Barzillai’s household (1 Kings 2:7).
Verse 41 – Tensions between Judah and the other tribes that were evident earlier in Israel’s history now boiled to the surface again as the delegation from Israel challenged the king on the protocol for restoring him to Jerusalem.
Verse 43 – The men of Judah responded even more harshly and ended the conversation, but the tension between the tribes grew stronger.

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