2 Samuel – Chapter 20

2 Samuel chapter 20

Verse 1 – Sheba, son of Bichri, is not mentioned outside of this account. The Bible says he was a rebel.
Verse 2 – Once you stir a crowd up, they are hard to reason with. Following Sheba seemed to be the right thing to do at that moment, but the men of Judah escorted David all the way to Jerusalem.
Verse 3 – David compassionately provided for these 10 concubines that had slept with Absalom while David was gone but was never with them again.
Verses 4, 5 – Amasa, the new head of David’s army (19:13), was commanded to gather the men of Judah to crush Sheba’s revolt.
Verse 6 – Abishai was David’s next choice to lead the attack against Sheba.
Verse 8 – Gibeon was about four miles northwest of Jerusalem and Joab was present but not in charge. His sword fell out of its sheath, probably a deceptive move by Joab so Amasa would not see him as drawing his sword.
Verses 9, 10 – When Joab grabbed Amasa’s beard, Amasa wouldn’t be looking at Joab’s hand with the sword in it. Once again, Joab’s murderous act went unpunished. It may seem that sin and treachery often go unpunished, but God’s justice is not limited to this life’s rewards.
Verses 11-13 – After Joab covered and hid Amasa’s body, one of Joab’s men rallied everyone to follow Joab as their self-proclaimed, reappointed leader.
Verses 14, 15 – Sheba retreated far north. Besieging a city generally involved surrounding it, cutting off its food supply, building an assault ramp, and constructing battering rams to break down the city’s wall.
Verses 17-21 – When this woman spoke, Joab proceeded with caution. She was trying to handle a desperate situation without violence. The people didn’t want their city destroyed over one man.
Verse 22 – Once this woman talked to the people within the city walls, they found Sheba and cut off his head. When they threw the head over the wall, the revolt ended.

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