2 Samuel – Chapter 24

2 Samuel chapter 24

Verse 1-3 – This particular sin that brought God’s wrath is not given. God did not cause David to sin, but He does allow people to reveal the sinfulness of their hearts by their actions. First Chronicles 21:1 says Satan incited David to count the people. David’s sin may have been pride and ambition in counting the people so that he could glory in the size of his nation and army. Even Joab knew a census was wrong, but David didn’t heed his advice. We do the same thing when we put our security in our money, positions, and our possessions.
Verse 10 – David’s conscience troubled him, revealing again that the work of God in his heart was not in vain. He confessed his sin and waited on the Lords response.
Verses 12-14 – God dealt with the whole nation through David. God gave David three choices. Each was a form of punishment God had told of in His law: Deuteronomy 28:20—disease; Deuteronomy 28:23, 24—famine; Deuteronomy 28:25, 26—war.
Verse 17 – David pleaded with God to strike only him and his family, but sin often has consequences that affect others.
Verse 18 – Many believe that this is the threshing floor where David built the altar and is the location where Abraham nearly sacrificed his son Isaac (Genesis 22:1-18). After David’s death, Solomon built the temple on this spot. Centuries later, Jesus would teach and preach here.
Verse 25 – The book of 2 Samuel describes David’s reign. Since the Israelites first entered the promise land under Joshua, they had been struggling to unite the nation and drive out the wicked inhabitants. Now after more than 400 years, Israel was finally at peace. Even though David sinned, God called him a “Man after God’s own heart. The Book of Psalms gives us a deeper insight into David’s love for God.

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