1 Kings – Chapter 2

1 Kings chapter 2

Verses 2-4 – David told Solomon the need to keep God’s laws at the center of his personal life and government. There was a condition to God’s promise though; the kings would remain in office only if they honored and obeyed Him. When David’s descendants failed to do this, they lost the throne (2 Kings 25). God’s second part of the promise was that David’s line would go on forever though and this was fulfilled in the birth of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:3, 4).
Verses 5-7 – Joab epitomize those who are ruthless in accomplishing their goals. He wanted to get power for himself and keep it.
Verses 5-9 – David had some harsh advice for Solomon concerning his enemies. This advice was only directed toward blatant enemies—those who opposed God by opposing God’s appointed king. David was asking Solomon to give his enemies the punishment they deserved. (Shimei should not have cursed the king—Exodus 22:28).
Verse 10 – David died at about the age of 70.
Verses 15-22 – Adonijah did not want Abishag because he loved her. She was a virgin and had been a part of David’s harem. Adonijah wanted her because possessing her was equivalent to claiming the throne. Absalom had done the same thing in his rebellion against David (2 Samuel 16:20-23). Abiathar then became high priest under David. When he supported Adonijah’s wrongful claim to the throne after David’s death (1:7), Solomon forced him to give up the priesthood, fulfilling the prophecy of 1 Samuel 2:27-36 that Eli’s descendants would not continue to serve as priest.
Joab Is Executed
Verses 28, 29 – Joab had supported Adonijah’s attempted take-over. Such a threat was virtually treason. Furthermore, judging Joab for his murder was a necessary step in repudiating the old violent ways—a step that David never took.
Verses 31-33 – Joab had spent his life trying to defend his position as David’s commander. Twice David tried to replace him, but Joab killed his rivals before they could assume command (2 Samuel 3:17-30; 19:13; 20:4-10).
Verse 35 – Zadok was a descendant of Aaron and had been a prominent priest during David’s reign, and he was loyal to Solomon after David’s death. His descendants were in charge of the temple until its destruction. At one time, Benaiah was one of David’s mighty men (2 Samuel 23:20-23), and the captain of David’s bodyguard.
Verse 46 – Solomon ordered the executions of Adonijah, Joab and Shimei, forced Abiathar out as priest and then appointed new men to take their places. Solomon was a man of peace in two ways; he did not go to war and he put an end to internal rebellion.

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