1 Kings – Chapter 4

1 Kings chapter 4

Throughout most of Solomon’s reign, he applied his wisdom well because he sought God. The fruits of his wisdom were peace, security, and prosperity for the nation. Solomon’s Kingdom spread from the Euphrates River in the north to the borders of Egypt. The entire land was at peace under his rule.
Wisdom—Wisdom is only effective when it is put into action. Early in his life, Solomon had the good sense to recognize his need for God’s wisdom. However, by the time Solomon began to rule, he started a habit that would make his wisdom ineffective—by marrying Pharaoh’s daughter. She was the first of hundreds of wives. Solomon went against not only his father’s last words, but also God’s direct commands.
While becoming famous as the builder of the temple and the palace, he became famous as a leader who excessively taxed and worked his people. Visitors from distant lands came to admire this wise king, while his own people were gradually alienated from him.
 Effective leadership can be nullified by an ineffective personal life.
 Solomon failed to obey God, but did not learn the lesson of repentance until later in life.
 Knowing what actions are required of us means little without actually doing them.

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