1 Kings – Chapter 5


Verse 1 – David had traded with Tyre when collecting materials for the temple. Solomon also benefited from good relations with Hiram King of Tyre. When David had offered to build a temple, God said no through the prophet Nathan (2 Samuel 7:1-17).
Verse 6 – The Israelites, as well as the Egyptians and Assyrians, used both the cedar and cypress lumber of Lebanon for their buildings.
Verses 8-11 – Solomon bartered food for lumber and other products. Hiram’s men would cut the lumber, bring it to the sea, and lash it into rafts. Then the rafts were floated south and beached, probably at Joppa. From there they were taken to Jerusalem by the road that passed near Gezer. (The book of 2 Chronicles adds an equal supply of barley to this amount-2 Chronicles 2:10.
Verses 13, 14 – Solomon wisely recognized that family should always take top priority. By Solomon drafting three times the number of workers needed for the temple project and then arranging their schedules, they didn’t have to be away from home for long periods of time.
Verse 18 – Gebal, also called Byblos, was located north of what is now Beirut, near the cedar forest. These men were Phoenicians, probably skilled as shipbuilders, but employed for this project.

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