1 Kings – Chapter 6

1 kings chapter 6

Verse 3 – The portico was like a large porch.
Verse 4 – Clerestory windows were windows near the tops of the walls to help light the center of the temple.
Verse 7 – In honor of God, the temple in Jerusalem was built without the sound of a hammer or any tool. This meant the stone had to be “dressed” (cut and shaped) miles away at the quarry. This shows us the importance of demonstrating care, concern, honor, and respect for God and His sanctuary.
Verse 13 – This verse summarizes the temples main purpose. God promised that His eternal presence would never leave the temple as long as the Israelites obeyed God’s law. As you read the history of the kings, you will see that lawbreaking was the result, not the cause, of estrangement from God. The kings abandoned God in their hearts first and then failed to keep His laws.
Verse 14 – The concept of Solomon’s temple was more like a palace for God than a place of worship. As a dwelling place for God, it was fitting for it to be beautiful. It had small dimensions inside because most worshipers gathered outside.

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