1 Kings – Chapter 7

1 Kings chapter 7

Verse 1 – Although it took Solomon longer to build his house than it did to build the temple, it was not a comment on his priorities. His palace project took longer because it included barracks and housing for his harem.
Verse 7 – The Hall of the Throne was another columned entrance. The contextual association with the House of the Forest of Lebanon hints that this hall might have been the public entrance of the larger building, a place for the throne where people sought judgment.
Verse 14 – Huram was an expert craftsman. Solomon chose only the best.
Verse 23 – The “Sea” was an enormous tank. Designed and used for the priest ceremonial washings. It was placed in the temple court near the altar of burnt offering.
Verses 27-39 – The 10 “moveable stands” held basins of water. The basins were movable so they could be used where needed.
Verse 47 – Since bronze was a valuable commodity, it is an indication of Solomon’s wealth that he did not have to keep track of the amount of bronze used.

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