1 Kings – Chapter 10

1kings chapter 10

Multiplication of Wealth
Verses 1-5 – After the queen of Sheba realized the extent of Solomon’s riches and wisdom, “she was overwhelmed” and no longer questioned his power or wisdom. Many kings and foreign dignitaries who paid honor to Solomon repeated her experience with Solomon (4:34).
Verse 14 – When Solomon asked for wisdom, God promised him riches and honor as well (3:13). These verses show just how vast Solomon’s wealth became. Israel was no longer a second-rate nation. Jesus would later refer to “Solomon in all his splendor” (Matthew 6:29).
Verse 23 – In the Old Testament, riches were considered tangible evidence of God’s blessing. Prosperity was seen as a proof of right living. In ideal conditions, people should prosper if God run their lives, but this is no guarantee. Greater evidence that God is present in a person’s life is persecution (Mark 10:29-31; 13:13). The gift of great worth has no price tag—it is the gift of salvation freely given by God. However, God does say in His Word that all things for life in Jesus Christ are given.
Verses 26-11:3 – The more luxurious Solomon’s court became, the more the people were taxed. Sound familiar? The bigger our government becomes, the higher the taxes are that the people pay. With everything Solomon got and wanted, he soon forgot God and allowed pagan influences to enter his court through his pagan wives, thus accelerating the spiritual corruption of the nation.

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