1 Kings – Chapter 12

1Kings chapter 12

Verse 1 – Rehoboam saw trouble brewing with Jeroboam, so he went north of Jerusalem to be anointed king. When the kingdom was divided, Shechem became the capital of the northern kingdom for a short time.
Verses 6-14 – Rehoboam asked for advice but didn’t evaluate what was told to him by the elders. We should take advice from those with more experience and who are wiser.
Verses 15-19 – Both Jeroboam and Rehoboam did what was good for them, not what was good for the people. Rehoboam was harsh and Jeroboam established new places of worship—Rehoboam’s capital. Both actions of these men backfired. Rehoboam’s action divided the nation, and Jeroboam’s turned the people from God. Making decisions only for yourself will backfire and cause you to lose more than, if you had kept the welfare of others in mind.
Verse 20 – This is the beginning of the kingdom’s division that lasted for centuries. Ten tribes followed Jeroboam and called their new nation Israel (northern kingdom). The other 2 tribes remained loyal to Rehoboam and called their nation Judah (southern kingdom). The kingdom didn’t split overnight. It was already dividing as early as the days of the judges because of tribal jealousies between Ephraim, the most influential tribe of the north, and Judah, the chief tribe of the south.
Verse 28 – All Jewish men were required to travel to the temple three times each year (Deuteronomy 16:16), but Jeroboam set up his own worship centers and told the people it was too much trouble to travel all the way to Jerusalem. Don’t let anyone talk you out of doing what is right by telling you that moral actions are not worth the effort.
Verse 30 – Jeroboam and his advisories did not learn from Israel’s previous disaster with a golden calf (Exodus 32). If we will learn from either our past or the past of others, we will not face disaster because of repeated mistakes.
Verses 32, 33 – Jeroboam turned the city Bethel into Israel’s chief religious center. Bethel’s religion, however, centered on idols, and this led to Israel’s eventual downfall. Bethal developed a reputation as a wicked and idolatrous city. The prophets Hosea and Amos condemned the city for its godless ways (Hosea 4:15-17; 10:8; Amos 5:4-6).

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