1 Kings – Chapter 13

1kings chapter13

Verse 2 – Three hundred years later, this prophecy was fulfilled in every detail when Josiah killed the pagan priest at their own altars (2 Kings 23:1-20).
Verses 4-10 – God instantly punished Jeroboam. The immediate healing of his hand should have been a witness to direct Jeroboam into faith and obedience. This prophet had been given strict orders from God not to eat or drink anything while on this mission. Jeroboam offered the prophet a reward and thus treated God like a bargaining partner.
Verses 11-19 – This old prophet lied to the prophet who had just left Jeroboam and this prophet believed him. This prophet should have followed God’s word instead of hearsay. We are to trust what God’s word says rather than what someone else says is true when it contradicts God’s word.
Verses 20, 21 – Then ironically, as they ate God spoke His true judgment through the same prophet who had just moments ago lied.
Verses 24, 25 – The fact that the lion and the donkey were standing by the prophet’s body showed that this was divine judgment. Normally, the lion would have attacked the donkey and devoured the man.
Verses 33, 34 – Under penalty of death, God had forbidden anyone to be a priest who was not from the tribe of Levi (Numbers 3:10). The king and his fees instead of the tithe financed jeroboam’s new priests. The priest had to mix priestly and secular duties, and quickly fell into party politics. These priests were easily corrupted by bribes. Jeroboam’s disobedience was the downfall of true religion in the northern kingdom.

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