1 Kings – Chapter 14

1kings chapter 14

Verses 1-3 – Jeroboam continued his erratic behavior. The king was double—minded or indecisive (James 1:8), disobeying God and trying to seek favors from God at the same time.
Verses 4, 5 – In dealing with Jeroboam’s wife, God again worked in supernatural ways.
Verses 6-9 – Under all the Old Testament covenants, God’s people earned earthly blessings from Him by obeying the stipulations of their covenants with the Lord. The king was to be the leader in obeying and enforcing obedience to the covenant. David was the model king whereas Jeroboam led the people to worship pagan idols.
Verses 10, 11 – These disasters were practical applications to Israel of the Specific teachings of Deuteronomy. Ahijah is prophesying the downfall of Israel for its flagrant violation of God’s commands.
Verses 14, 15 – Jeroboam’s sin resulted in God raising up a new king—Baasha—who would destroy Jeroboam’s dynasty. The latter part of the prophecy—the land—would not take place until almost 190 years.
Verse 19, 20 – The record of Jeroboam ends with a conventional closing.
Verses 25, 26 – How sad that when Rehoboam (Solomon’s son) came to power, he inherited a mighty kingdom. Everything he could ever want was given to him. Just five years after Solomon’s death, the temple and palace were ransacked by foreign invaders (Shishak of Egypt). When the people became spiritually corrupt and immoral (14:24), it was only a short time until they lost everything. When God is gone from our lives, everything else becomes useless, no matter how valuable it seems!

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