1 Kings – Chapter 15

1Kings chapter 15

Verses 1, 2 – The only revealing detail in the formal opening for Abijam’s (Abijah in Chronicles) record was that his mother Maacah was from the line of Absalom.
Verses 3-5 – Abijam was bad, like his father, with negative comparison with David. However, God spared Jerusalem and a wicked king because of the good king David.
Verses 9-24 – Religious revival began under Asa so that God had a reason to restore blessings to the good kings of the south. This revival, led by two good kings, Asa and Jehoshaphat, lasted about 60 years. Then, early in the reign of Asa, the rule of Nadab began a bloody process of civil war and violence, which actually ended with the restoration of Hebrew economic and political power under Omri and Ahab. God used the renewed power of the wicked kings of the north to bring renewed blessing, power, and wealth to the good kings of the south.
Verse 11, 12 – Asa was the first king since the division of the kingdom to do “what was right in Lord’s eyes.” What influenced Asa to be obedient to God? Perhaps it was the godly presence of the Levites living in the south.
Verse 13 – Maacah was the name of David’s wife who was mother to Absalom also and one of Absalom’s daughters who became one of Rehoboam’s favorite wives. As queen mother, Asa’s grandmother, Maacah, was a stumbling block to faith in Yahweh. Part of cleansing the kingdom was removing her bad influence.
Verse 14 – The high places that were not taken away were probably illegal shrines for worshiping the Lord away from the temple, not for worshiping pagan gods. Tolerating the pagan high places would have been out of character for a good king and contrary to his general behavior as recorded.
Verse 15 – These gifts for the temple were articles devoted to God as sacred offerings that Abijah had taken in his war with Jeroboam and Asa had taken when he defeated the Cushites (2 Chronicles 14:12, 13).
Verse 16 – Baash (king of Israel) seized the throne from Nadab (15:27, 28), who had replaced his father, Jeroboam, as king. Apparently, Baasha penetrated Benjamite territory and began building a fortress at Ramah about six miles north of Jerusalem.
Verses 25, 26 – These two verses follow the typical formula. They tell of the beginning of the rule of Nadab over Israel and pass the usual negative moral judgment. Jeroboam’s example was not only the measure of evil for Nadab, but for almost every other king of Israel.
Verse 30 – All of the descendants of Jeroboam were killed because Jeroboam had led Israel into sin.

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  2. The only thing that I usually google is the pictures I use for that chapter. I use 4 Bibles for my references which makes it pretty clear what the scripture is saying. It is a lot of work, but worth it. I do the work because that is part of the seed planting. Thank you for your input. It lets me know that a few more people are reading the Bible.


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