1 Kings – Chapter 16


Verses 1-7 – God destroyed Jeroboam’s descendants for their flagrant sins and yet Baasha repeated the same mistakes. Jehu was a prophet sent by God to condemn and send judgment upon Baasha.
Verses 21, 22 – When you read these verses up to this point, you can plainly see the nation of Israel running amuck. Killing each other to gain the throne was the norm. Omri began his reign as political dissension brewed in Israel after Zimri killed himself, the Israelite army chose Omri, their commander, as the next ruler. Tibni, Omri’s chief rival to the throne, died, and Omri then began his evil reign. (Asa is still king over Judah).
Verse 24 – Omri made Samaria his new capital. This city was his personal property, so he had total control over it. Omri died before completing the city, so his son Ahab, completed it. He also built a temple to the god Baal. Samaria served as the capital city for the rest of Israel’s dynasties until it fell to the Assyrians in 722B.C. (2 Kings 17:5).
Verses 29-34 – Omri is dead and Ahab becomes king and reigns over Israel 22 years. The Bible records that Ahab did more evil than all the kings before him. Ahab marries Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal of the Sidonians. Ahab built her a temple to worship the pagan god Baal, which he ended up worshiping also. Ahab promoted idolatry and led the entire nation into sin.

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