1 Kings – Chapter 18

1kings chapter 18

Verses 3, 4 – Although Elijah was alone in his confrontation with Ahab and Jezebel, he was not the only one in Israel who believed God. Obadiah had been faithful in hiding 100 prophets that were still true to the Lord.
Verse 6 – Both Ahab and Obadiah were accompanied by soldiers and officials who purchased or confiscated the resources as needed.
Verse 17 – Despite Ahab’s bravery and abilities in many areas, his accusation against Elijah showed that willful sin could blind a person to reality.
Verse 18 – Instead of worshiping the true God, Ahab and his wife Jezebel worshiped Baal the popular Canaanite god.
Verse 19 – Ahab brought 850 pagan-prophets to Mount Carmel to match wits and power with Elijah. Evil kings hated God’s prophets because they spoke against sin. However, Elijah showed the people those who speak prophecy wasn’t enough. One needed the power of the living God to fulfill it.
Verse 21 – Elijah challenged the people to take a stand! Why did so many people waver between the two choices? Many knew that the Lord was God, but they enjoyed the sinful pleasures and others benefits that came with following Ahab in his idolatrous worship.
Verse 29 – The prophets raved all afternoon but no one answered them. Their god was silent because it was not real. Power, status, appearance, or material possessions can become our gods if we devote our lives to them. These things can never offer comfort, wisdom, or guidance in true answers.
Verses 36-38 – God will make resources available to us in creative ways to accomplish His purposes.
Verse 46 – Elijah ran the six miles back to the city in order to give Ahab a last chance to turn from his sin before joining Jezebel in Jezreel. His run also ensured that the correct story of what happened would reach Jezreel first.

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