2 Kings – Chapter 4

2 Kings Chapter 4

There is Always More than Enough with God
This chapter records four of God’s miracles through Elisha; providing money for a poverty-stricken window; raising a dead boy to life (32-37); purifying poisonous food (38-41); and providing food for 100 men (42-44).
Verse 1 – Poor people and debtors were allowed to pay their debts by selling themselves or their children as slaves.
Verse 6 – This oil was used for cooking, for lamps, and for fuel. The oil stopped pouring only when she ran out of containers. We have to beware of limiting God. God’s provision was as large as her faith and the willingness to obey. God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20).
Miracle of the Shunammite’s Son
Verse 9 – This Shunammite woman realized that Elisha was a man of God and wanted to prepare a room for him when he came to town. Soon her kindness would be rewarded far beyond anything she could have imagined.
Verses 15, 16 – The woman was barren in a society in which both pagans and worshipers of the Lord thought barrenness as one of the curses from the gods. This act of power was a witness for God. It was a statement that God could give blessings to those who were faithful to Him.
Verses 18-26 – When death entered the home of the Shunammite family, this was another opportunity to show the mercy and grace of a loving God.
Verse 27 – Elisha modeled both sensitivity and recognition of his own limitations. When he said, “The Lord has hidden it from me,” it showed his limited knowledge and power of God.
Verses 29-31 – Elisha had seemed confident that sending Gehazi was sufficient to heal the woman’s son.
Verses 32-35 – When Elisha arrived, he carried out a more complicated procedure for healing her son. Here Elisha’s success was dependent on his prayer to the Lord.
Verses 38-41 – “Death in the pot” means that the food was poisonous. Perhaps a poisonous wild vegetable or herb had been mixed in with the edible plants. God’s power protected His people from careless dangers even in a serious famine.
Verses 42-44 – The provisions did not multiply while in the baskets that were given as a gift. It was multiplied as the servants began distributing it to the 100 men. (Does this story sound familiar?) Give it away, and watch it multiply.

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