2 Kings – Chapter 11

2 Kings chapter 11

Verse 1 – This story is continued from 9:27, where Jehu had killed Ahaziah, Athaliah’s son. Athaliah’s attempt to kill all of Ahaziah’s sons was futile because God had promised that the Messiah would be born through David’s descendants (2 Samuel &).
Verses 2, 3 – Jehosheba was the wife of Jehoiada, the high priest. The temple was the only practical place to hide the baby since Athaliah, who loved idolatry, would have no interest of going to the temple.
Verse 4 – The Carites were mercenary troop’s possible associated with the Philistines.
Verses 5-9 – Jehoiada gathered his forces and executed the palace coup. The units involved in these preparations were placed in position for protecting the young Davidic heir.
Verses 10, 11 – These weapons dated back to King David’s time. Once again, the Levites and others loyal to Yahweh played a crucial role in preserving the faith.
Verses 14-16 – The word pillar may designate a traditional place where the king was publicly recognized or perhaps the covenant renewed. (Six years had passed since the child had been taken to the temple.) Instead of Athaliah withdrawing when she heard the noise at the temple, she tried to halt the ceremony. She was removed and executed.
Verse 17 – This covenant, however, had virtually been ignored for over 100 years. Unfortunately, it would be ignored again after Jehoiada’s death. The nation not only chose a new king they renewed their relationship with God.
Verse 18 – A natural step for obedience to the covenant was the destruction of the temple of Baal and killing the priest of Baal.
Verse 21 – Joash became king at seven years old. Although it’s not spelled out in scripture, who was really ruling? Maybe it was Joash’ mother, advisers, and Jehoiada the high priest.

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