2 Kings – Chapter 13

2 kings chapter 13

Verses 4-6 – The Lord heard Jehoahaz’s prayer for help so God delayed judgment on Israel. Although there were breaks in their idol worship, there was rarely evidence of genuine faith. An occasional call for help is not a substitute for a daily life of trust in God.
Verses 5 – Aram, which lay to the north of Israel, was always Israel’s enemy. Israel and Aram were so busy fighting each other that they didn’t notice the rapidly growing strength of the Assyrians to the far north.
Verses 9, 10 – Jehoash assumed the throne of Israel in 798 B.C. At that time, the king of Juda, Joash was nearing the end of his reign. In Hebrew, Jehoash and Joash were two forms of the same name. Thus two kings named with the same name, one in the south and one in the north, reigned at the same time.
Verse 14 – At least 43 years had passed since Elisha was last mentioned in Scripture (9:1), when he anointed Jehu king (841 B.C.). Jehoash’s reign began in 798 B.C. Jehoash feared Elisha’s death because he ascribed the nation’s well being to Elisha rather than to God. Jehoash’s fear revealed his lack of spiritual understanding.
Verses 15-19 – When Jehoash was told to strike the ground with the arrows, he did it halfheartedly. As a result, Elisha told the king that his victory over Aram would not be complete.
Verses 20, 21 – Elisha was dead, but his good influence remained. This demonstrated that Elisha was indeed a prophet of God. This miracle served as one more reminder to Israel that it had rejected God’s word given through Elisha.
Verses 22, 23 – God in His mercy kept this promise to deliver the Israelites from Aram. Though this came through a wicked king, the reason for this mercy was God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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