2 Kings Chapter 20

2 Kings chapter 20

Verses 1-3 – We ask ourselves this same question at times: Should I just be still and except this situation as God’s will or should I pray and ask God to change it? Does it really hurt to ask? Hezekiah felt what harm could it do.

Verse 6 – God was neither surprised nor unprepared by Hezekiah’s prayer. God not only granted what was asked but promised deliverance from the coming Assyrian invasion.

Verse 7 – Whether it was the divine healing of the figs or prayer alone, God healed Hezekiah.

Verse 11 – The stairway of Ahaz was a sundial. Egyptian sundials in this period were sometimes made in the form of miniature staircases so that the shadows moved up and down the steps.

Verses 12-19 – It appears that deliverance from his sickness had made Hezekiah a little proud of his prosperity and success. Rather than giving credit to God for all his blessings, he tried to impress the foreigners. After Isaiah told Hezekiah what would happen after his death, Hezekiah said, “What you have spoken is good.” Sometimes what we are thinking should not be said out loud or it will sound very selfish.

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