2 Kings – Chapter 22

2 Kings chapter 22

Verses 1, 2 – Josiah was one of the few kings who obeyed God completely. His reign began when he was 8 years old. Josiah’s early years laid the foundations for his later task of reforming Judah.

Verse 4 – The doorkeepers controlled who entered the temple and supervised the collection of the money.

Verses 5-7 – Josiah started having the temple repaired. He told the overseers (who evidently weren’t doing their job) to give the money for the repairs directly to the workers.

Verse 8 – This book of the Law, must have been used so little, that it was thought to have been lost. There had been so many evil kings before Josiah that its understandable. This book of the Law probably was from Genesis through Deuteronomy. Can you imagine being in the Lords House today and the Bible never being opened?

Verse 11 – Shaphan read the book before the king. Because the book had been lost, Josiah had never heard this first hand before. However, from the time of becoming king at 8, he knew to do what was right. When the anointed Word of God was read “Out-loud,” Josiah tore his cloths. He realized how far from God the entire nation had fallen. He began to make reforms after he repented. reading God’s Word and discovering we need to renew the way we think and do things and it will bring us all to repentance, if willing to do so.

Verse 14 – Huldah was a prophetess, as were Miriam (Exodus 15:20) and Deborah (Judges 4:4). God will and does use anyone He chooses to carry out His will, even those who aren’t willing can be used and they not even realize it. God will accomplish whatsoever He prepossess.

Verses 18-20 – Because of Josiah’s grief over the sins of the nation, God assured him that destruction would not come until after his death.

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