1 Chronicles – Chapter 2

1 Chronicles chapter 2

Verses 1-3 – Scripture teaches that the way we live today will determine how we will be remembered by others. What we do “now” does matter.

Jacob’s sons are listed as to the order in which they were born. Reuben was the firstborn and the oldest but forfeited this privilege because he defiled his father’s bed. Joseph was the first son born to Jacobs favorite wife. Then we see in verse 3, God’s grace in action as He selects the line that would lead to the kings and ultimately to the Messiah. All three of Judah’s first sons had a Canaanite mother.

Verse 4 – After Judah’s first two sons were killed, he had two more sons by his daughter-in-law Tamar, another Canaanite woman.

Verse 7 – Achar is called Achan in Joshua 7. This is the man who kept for himself some of the plunder that was devoted to the Lord for destruction.

Verses 10-12 –  Ram’s line of descent connect through Boaz to Jesse, the father of David. Boaz was Ruth’s husband and an ancestor of both David and Jesus. (Boaze’s story is found in the book of Ruth.)

Verses 13-17 – In these verses, the names of David’s brother’s and two older sisters are given. David’s greatest desire was to serve and worship God. He was by no means perfect, but God called him in the book of Acts 13:22 “a man after my own heart.”

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