1 Chronicles – Chapter 4

1 Chronicles cahpter 4

Verses 9, 10 – Jabez acknowledged God as the true God, center of his life. In his prayer, he asked God to bless him, enlarge his territory, and to keep him from evil and to not cause pain. Jabez must have been very special for the writer of Chronicles to stop in the middle of the descendants of Judah and give recognition to Jabez. Jabez knew his name meant pain, but he became a blessing. There is evil all around us today, so we must not forget to pray for the loving protection of our heavenly Father. We also should ask God to protect our thoughts and actions that will come from those same thoughts.

Verse 13 – Othniel was Israels first Judge. He reformed the nation and brought peace to the land (Judges 1:9-15 and 3:5-14).

Verse 15 – Caleb is the spy in Numbers 13 who, along with Joshua, trusted God.

Verses 17, 18 – Once again a Gentile is part of the line, this time a daughter of a Pharaoh named Bithiah.

Verses 21-23 – Shelah was Judah’s third son. His older brothers Er and Onan had been killed, and he should have become the husband of Tamar, but Judah prevented this. Shelah’s descendants distinguished themselves as craftsmen.

Verses 24-37 – Because Simeon was violent and cruel, his father Jacob predicted that his tribe would be dispersed in the land (Genesis 49:7). Despite numerous offspring, particularly from Shimei, the tribe as a whole remained undistinguished.

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