1 Chronicles – Chapter 6

1 Chronicles chapter 6

Verse 1 – The tribe of Levi was set apart to serve God in the tabernacle (Numbers 3;4), and later the temple (1 Chronicles 23-26). Aaron, Levi’s descendant, became Israel’s first high priest. God required all future priests to be descendants of Aaron.

Verses 3-4 – The descendants who are mentioned here were priests. Nadab and Abihu lost their lives when they violated the sanctity of their duties, so Eleazar became Aaron’s true successor, followed by Phinehas.

Verses 5-15 – This lists of priests is not complete. It doesn’t mention Eli, the priest who raised Samuel (1 Samuel 1:3).

Verse 28 – When Samuel became God’s leader and spokesman, Israel was on the verge of ruin. The last few chapters of Judges shows the moral decay and the declining nation. But with God, Samuel almost single-handedly brought the nation from ruin to revival.

Verse 31 – David did much to bring music into worship. He established song-leaders and choirs to perform regularly at the temple.

Verses 33-47 – There are three main musicians. Heman (Psalm 88), Asaph (Psalms 50;73-83), and Ethan (also called Jeduthun; Psalm 89). These three men represented the three branches of the sons of Levi, coming from Kohath, Gershom, and Merari. Heman was a descendant of Kohath, but not through Aaron, so he wasn’t eligible for the priesthood..

Verse 49 – Aaron and his descendants strictly followed the details of worship commanded by God through Moses. Notice what happened to Uzzah when important details in handling the ark of the covenant were neglected (13:6-10). God’s Word has authority over every aspect of our loves, not just selected portions.

Verse 54 – The tribe of Levi were not given a specific area of land as the other tribes were. Instead, the Levites were to live throughout the land in order to aid the people of every tribe in their worship of God. Thus the Levites were given towns or pastureland within the allotted areas of the other tribes (Joshua 13:14,33).

Verse 57 – God had told the tribes to designate specific cities to be cities of refuge (Numbers 35). The instructions may have seemed unimportant at the time because Israel hadn’t even entered the promised land yet. Sometimes God gives us instructions that don’t seem relevant at that moment, but later  on it becomes clear. His plan is always perfect because He knows the end from the beginning.

Verse 61 – Casting lots was like drawing straws or throwing dice. Lots were cast only after seeking God’s guidance in prayer.

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