1 Chronicles – Chapter 11

1 Chronicles chapter 11

The Anointing of David as King

Verses 1, 2 – The details of how David came to power are given in 2 Samuel. God used the efforts of many people, even some of Saul’s own family. God is sovereign over history, directing events to accomplish His will. No matter what happens or who tries to stop God’s will for our lives, God has went before us to prepare a blessing that is just for you!

Verses 3, 4 – David was king over Judah for seven and a half years before he captured Jerusalem. When David was finally anointed king over Israel, 20 years had passed since Samuel had anointed him (1 Samuel 16:1-13). God is faithful to His promises. They are worth waiting for, even when His timetable doesn’t match our expectations.

Verse 4 – David chose Jerusalem as his capital for both political and military reasons. Jerusalem sat on a high ridge, making it difficult to attack and it rested on a tribal border which was neutral territory.

Verse 9 – David’s power increased as a result of his consistent trust in God. In contrast, Saul’s power decreased because he wanted all the credit and recognition for himself and ignored God. We as Christians should seek things God’s way, which is righteousness, honesty, and excellence, and leave the results to God. They will always be good!

Verses 12-14 – In any struggle, fear can keep us from taking a stand for God and from participating in God’s victories. Eleazar’s action changed the course of a battle. When everyone around him ran, he held his ground and was saved by the Lord.

Verses 15-19 – These three men risked their lives just to serve and please David. David recognized that their devotion to him was inspired by their devotion to God so he poured out the drink offering, demonstrating that only God is worthy of such devotion. When we serve others, we are also serving God.

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