1 Charonicles chapter 12

1 Chronicles chapter 12

Verses 1-7 – Ziklag was the city where David escaped to while hiding from Saul. Achish, the ruler there, was so delighted to have David there, he gave the city Ziklag to him, his family, and his army. It was clear to these warriors from the tribe of Benjamin, that David was to be king of Israel.

Verse 8 – The men from the tribe of Benjamin were experts archers and sling-shots while the men from Gad were experts with the shield and spear. Large shields were carried by an armor-bearer, whose main task was to protect the warrior.

Verse 18 – In Old Testament times the Holy Spirit came upon whom ever God chose. In this instance, David was ready to just trust anyone so God gave him conformation that these men were for him.

Verse 22 – Men were drawn to David by the reputation of his great warriors. The news of their victories and their desire to see God’s will done in making David king spread across the land.

Verses 26-29 – In Numbers 1:47-50, God had said the Levites were to be exempt from Military service. But here in scripture, we see four thousand six hundred sided with David in support of him becoming king.

Verse 32 – When the Bible says these men from Issachar “understood the times, ” their knowledge and judgment provided needed help in making decisions for the nation. Like wise with leaders today, they should understand the times in order to make God’s message relevant to people’s lives.

Verse 40 – These men celebrated with David three days because they had suffered under Saul’s leadership and disobedience to God. God is the author of joy, and He will join us in our celebration.

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