1 Chronicles – Chapter 13

1 chronicles chapter 13

Verse 1 – David consulted with all his leaders, but not the Levites, who could have kept him from the mistake he was about to make.

Verse 3 – The ark of God is also called the ark of the covenant. It was the most sacred object of the Hebrew faith. It was a large box containing the stone tablets on which God had written the Ten Commandments (Exodus 25:10-22) The ark of God had been in Kiriath Jearim for many years. The neglect of the ark symbolized Israel’s neglect of God. Neglecting the things of God–the Bible, the church,  contact with Christians, and prayer, will cause us to neglect God. God has to be the center of our lives.

Verses 6-8 – The ark had been in Kiriath Jearim for several decades after it had been returned by the Philistines. Seventy men of Beth-shemesh had been killed when they looked inside (1 Samuel 6:19). Since that time the ark had been mostly ignored. David’s exuberance as he worshiped God with dancing and music is approved in scripture.

Verse 10 – God had given specific instructions about how the ark was to be moved and carried (Numbers 4:5-15) and those instructions were neglected. The Levites were supposed to be responsible to move the ark (there’s no record that Uzzah was a Levite) and it was to be carried on their shoulders with poles through rings (Numbers 7:9). Sadly, David is reminded that obedience to this law was more important than his enthusiasm.

Verses 11, 12 – David’s anger turned to fear. Then he was afraid that he was not worth to move the ark. Along with God’s blessings comes responsibility.

Verses 13, 14 – At this point in the story David parked the ark at Obed-edoms house. Obed’s house enjoyed special blessings while hosting the ark.


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