1 Chronicles – Chapter 14

1 Chronicles chapter 14

David Builds a House

Verse 1 – King Hiram also sent lumber and craftsmen to help Solomon build the temple (2 Chronicles 2:1).

Verse 2 – God gave David honor and success but not simply for David’s personal gain. God was prospering David for God’s people. Too many think that God has prospered them for their good only. God has placed us where we are and given us what we have so that we may encourage others and give to those in need.

Verse 3 – Accumulating wives and concubines in a harem was the custom of the day among Middle Eastern royalty, but it was not God’s idea (Genesis 2:24).

Verse 9 – The Valley of Rephaim was south of Jerusalem and was a natural path up to the capital, but it was also an easy place for an army to get locked in.

Verse 10 – David knew from watching what happened to Saul when he didn’t inquire of God first so David made sure it was God’s will to battle the Philistines.

Verse 12 – Often soldiers wanted to keep souvenirs from the battle, but David ordered them to burn the idols. Most of David’s successors failed to destroy idols, and this led to unbelievable moral corruption in Israel.

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