1 Chronicles – Chapter 9

1 Chronicles chapter 9

Verse 1-9 – Chronologically, this chapter could be placed at the end of 2 Chronicles because it records the names of the exiles who returned from Babylonian captivity.

Verses 10, 11 – Azariah was in charge of the house of God, and he was singled out for special mention. Whatever you have been assigned to do in the house of God, we just have to make sure it is done with the right attitude.

Verses 17, 18 – Gatekeepers had to be reliable, honest, and trustworthy. They guarded the four main entrances to the temple and opened the gates each morning. In addition, they did other day-to-day chores to keep the temple running smoothly. Shallum was a veteran, having been in charge of a gate some 40 years earlier before the temple’s destruction. Now he led the entire crew of gatekeepers.

Verses 22-32 – The priests and Levites put a great deal of time and care into worship and preparation. Think about how different it is today. A lot of people who come Sunday after Sunday never think about all the preparations that have to take place in God’s house to have a service. Most don’t even prepare their hearts and minds before they enter. For those who don’t have duties within the house, why not take time to bless and pray for those who have made everything function beforehand?

Verses 33, 34 – Worship was the primary focus of many Israelites, whose vocation centered on the house of the Lord. Worship should be the core of our lives and not just a few minutes once a week. Build your life around the worship of God rather than making worship just another activity in a busy schedule.

1 Chronicles – Chapter 8

1 Chronicles chapter 8

Verses 1-8 – These verses list Shaharaim’s children by Hodesh after he had divorced his first two wives. Sometimes polygamy and divorce are mentioned in scripture without a critical tone to it. This doesn’t mean God takes divorce lightly. Malachi 2:15, 16 says to not break faith with the wife of your youth because God hates divorce. In Matthew 19:8 Jesus says divorce is not God’s will. Lets not assume that God approves of an act just because it isn’t condemned in every related Bible reference.

Verse 32 – Not until David’s reign as king did Jerusalem belong entirely to Israel. At the time referred to here, Benjaminites were living around Jerusalem, but the highest fortified part of the city was home to the Jebusites.

Verse 33 – At this point scripture casually mentions Saul. Esh-baal was Saul’s son and a younger brother of Jonathan. In 2 Samuel 2-3 Esh-baal attempts to continue Saul’s monarchy against David. Joab eliminated virtually the entire clan.

Verse 43 – Merib-baal (Mephibosheth), Jonathan’s crippled son, was the only one who escaped the purge. Saul’s line eventually did make a comeback though. The tribe of Benjamin became strongly alined with David’s and Salomon’s unified kingdom and then with the kingdom of Judah.