1 Chronicles – Chapter 22

1 Chronicles chapter 22

Verse 1 – Since the threshing floor of Ornan had become the place where David worshiped the Lord, he declared that on this exact site the temple would be built.

Verses 2-4 – David had the foreigners living in the land to work as slaves to do the heavy labor of cutting stones for the temple and the foundation walls.

Verse 5 – This is the first time we learn that Solomon would succeed David and build the temple.

Verses 6-10 – The name Solomon means “man of peace.” David was making the preparations for Solomon to build God’s house. David had graciously accepted the “no” from God. Parents soon realize that if they have not taught their children right from wrong and brought them up to make good decisions, they soon will have a life of bad choices.

Verses 18, 19 – David emphasized that after all the wars he had fought, there would now be a period of rest and peace in the land. This was God’s perfect timing to build the temple. David instructs the leaders to set their heart and soul towards seeking God. Would that not be great to seek God in every decision we make in life? If more born again believers would do this, we wouldn’t have so much division in the church. We all need to get “self” out of the way and seek the “One” who’s decisions are always perfect.

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