1 Chronicles – Chapter 23

1 Chronicles chapter 23

Verse 1 – While David was still living, he made Solomon king over Israel. I believe David knew he was about to die. Therefore, he organized everything, including the priests, to be in place when he did pass. Most of the kings of other nations were either killed in battle or were murdered and another was then crowned after the fact. God always warns or tells his own what is about to happen. However there was a major dispute over David making Solomon king (1 Kings 1-2).

Verse 3 – This time when David took a census, it was only for the Levites, those set apart for serving God in the temple. This census was not based on pride or self-sufficiency as was the previous census of fighting men. With a total of 38,000 men, everyone would be able to lead a normal life at home for most of the year and only spend a short time in Jerusalem pursuing temple duties.

Verse 12 – Kohath’s clan included the priestly line of Aaron. Other members of this clan challenged Aaron’s exclusive right to the priesthood only to find themselves swallowed up by the earth as God’s punishment (Numbers 16).

Verse 14 – Basically all that is stated about Moses is that he was “the man of God.” A man or woman of God is one whose life reflects God’s presence, priorities, and power.

Verses 21, 22 – The line of Eleazar continued by virtue of his daughters and the sons of Kish marrying one another.

Verse 25 – David declared that rest had come to Israel because there would now be a permanent place for the ark and for worship.

Verses 28-32 – Both priests and Levites came from the tribe of Levi, but priests also had to be descendants of Aaron.


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