1 Chronicles – Chapter 28

1 Chronicles chapter 28

Verse 1 – The last two chapters of 1 Chronicles present the transition from David to Solomon as King of Israel. There is no mention of Adonijah’s conspiracy or the rest of David’s family (1 Kings 1;2). Instead the focus is positive–Gods plans for Israel and His promise to David’s descendants.

Verses 4-6 – David knew he was king only because God had willed, and by the same sovereign will God had now chosen Solomon as successor. The Kingdom of Israel belonged to the Lord. Israel’s king, then was God’s deputy, commissioned to carry out God’s will for the nation. Therefore, God could choose the person He wanted without following customary lines of succession. David was not Saul’s heir, and Solomon was not David’s oldest son.

Verse 7 – Having been called by the Lord to be king, Solomon must demonstrate his divine calling by keeping God’s commands and ordinances.

Verse 8 – For the first time since God had given the promise to Abraham (Genesis 15:8), Israel was living in the entire territory that God had set aside for them. With a faithful king sitting on the throne, this state of affairs could last forever if they kept all of God’s commands.

Verse 9 – David reminded Solomon, “The Lord searches the heart…Nothing can be hidden from God.” David told Solomon to be completely open with God because He knows the motives behind the actions.

Verse 10 – For hundreds of years sacrifices had been permitted anywhere in the country under the direction of many different priests. With the coming temple, sacrifices would be restricted to Jerusalem only and priests who had been specifically designated for that purpose.

Verse 20 – David advised Solomon not to be frightened about the size of his task. Sometimes fear can immobilize us. But if the Lord be with us, who can be against us.

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