1 Chronicles – Chapter 26

1 Chronicals chatper26

Verse 1 – There were 4,000 gatekeepers (23:4, 5). They were all Levites.

Verses 4-8 – Obed-edom was a gatekeeper by profession, though he joined the musicians during the transport of the ark to Jerusalem

Verse 12 – The service of the gatekeepers was just as significant as the duties of those who led worship.

Verses 14, 15 – The selection of leaders for each gate was made in context of family membership. Both son and father were placed in command of their gates.

Verse 16 – The Shallecheth was the gate designed for disposal of refuse and materials left over from animal sacrifices.

Verses 17, 18 – Obviously the storehouses needed protection, and guards were also installed outside the temple grounds, specifically on the road leading to the temple.

Verses 26, 27 – Even though all these arrangements were being made, there was still no temple. A large portion of the money that was given was from the plunder from the battles David had fought. Even the soldiers gave their portion as dedication to God.

Verse 29 – One other group of Levites needed to be organized were the officers and judges who would enforce the divine law in Israel.

Verse 32 – The tribes on the eastern side of the Jordan River were the Reubenites, Gadites, and half of Manasseh. They were already becoming isolated from the rest of Israel. Only at the very end of his reign was David able to provide a suitable teacher for these more remote tribes.