2 Chronicles – Chapter 4

2 chronicles chapter 4

Verse 6 – The large reservoir was reserved for the priest, but 10 smaller basins were provided in which to wash the sacrificial animals.

Verse 7 – When God is specific with instructions, they should be followed to the letter. There is a time we can be creative and put forth our own ideas, but not when they alter or contradict specific directions from God, in the Bible.

Verses 11-16 – Although the articles we use to aid our worship have changed, the purpose of worship remains the same–to give honor and praise to God.

Verse 22 – These instructions also served as a manual to the original readers of 2 Chronicles, those who would rebuild a new temple on its original site (Ezra 3:8-6:15) after Solomon’s temple was destroyed by the Babylonians (2 Kings 25).

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