2 Chronicles – Chapter 9

2 chronicles chapter 9

The Queen of Sheba Visits-1 Kings 10:1-13

Verses 1-9 – The Queen of Sheba acknowledged that the reports she had heard about Solomon did not come close to the reality she saw. Even though Solomon had married Pharaoh’s daughter, he tried to follow God at this stage in his life. When people get to know you and ask hard questions, will your response reflect God? Our lives can be a powerful witness.

Verse 11 – Algumwood  was probably sandalwood, a smooth, red-colored wood that accepts a high polish. This wood was extremely expensive.

Verse 12 – Solomon sent home with the Queen, far more wealth than she had brought to him.

Solomon Wealth

Verses 13-16 – Solomon, used slave labor for his building projects and even instituted forced labor among the Israelites that we will see in chapter 10. This was a big no-no. He hoarded the accumulating amount of gold and devised a method of storing it by molding it into shields that covered the walls of his palace.

Verses 17-21 – The person who wrote Chronicles, saw Solomon’s wealth as evidence of God’s blessing (1:12). This description was supposed to demonstrate to the Gentile world the reality of Yahweh’s blessings of His King. But this does not mean that Solomon’s policies, such as those that led to the devaluation of precious metals, were wise over the long haul. The overabundance of silver and gold in Jerusalem probably caused shortage in other lands, and it was only a short time before someone attempted to restore balance (12:9).

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