2 Chronicles – Chapter 14

2 Chronicles chapter 14

Asa, The Good King

Asa was the third King of Judah; son of Abijah; devoted to God, but closed himself off from God at the end of his life.

Verses 1-5 – Asa’s reign was marked by peace because he did what was “good and right in the eyes of the Lord his God.” His obedience lead to peace with God and others. Obedience may not always bring peace with our enemies, but it will bring peace with God.

Frequently, sites for idolatry are called “high places,” but the expression is also used for places dedicated to Yahweh, the true God. Asherah poles were dedicated to the Canaanite goddess Asherah. The Canaanites believed she was the wife of El and the mother of their main god Baal.

Verses 6, 7 – “Rest on every side” means that Judah had peace with all her neighbors. King Asa recognized the period of peace as the right time to build his defenses-the moment of attack would be too late. As Christians we shouldn’t wait for an attack from the enemy to prepare for battle. We have to stay rooted and grounded in God’s word in order to be prepared before anything evil comes our way.

Verse 11 – The secret of victory is first to admit our human effort is futile. Then ask God and trust Him for the deliverance. His power works best through those who recognize their limitations (2 Corinthians 12:9). Once again, it was the Lord who won the battle.

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