2 Chronicles – Chapter 15

2 Chronicles chapter 15

Verses 1, 2 – Azariah was the son of Oded and is one of the prophets who make a brief appearance in the books of 1 and 2 Chronicles. Azariah gave a warning and encouragement for them to stay close to God. We as believers should stay in close contact with people who are filled with God’s Spirit and we will receive Godly counsel.

Verse 3 – Azariah said that the northern kingdom Israel, was without the One True God. Eight kings reigned in Israel during the 41 year reign of Asa in Judah, and all eight were evil. Azariah used Israel’s problems as an example of the evil that would come to Judah if they turned away from God.

Verse 8 – Evidently, Asa had not completely removed all the idols. After Azariah spoke, Asa became more aggressive in his purge of idolatry.

Verses 12-15 – Everyone took an oath of allegiance to the Lord and they did so joyfully and voluntarily. The Lord rewarded their zeal and genuine repentance with rest. God reserves the right to ignore insincere repentance (Psalm 66:18; Proverbs 1:28-31;21:27; Jeremiah 11:11).

Verse 16 – One of the important acts of Asa was to remove Maacah, his grandmother, because she was a supporter of idol worship.

Verse 17 – This verse illustrates the difference between high places that were pagan sites and those that were dedicated to worshiping Yahweh.

Verse 19 – For a very long time Asa did all the right things and the kingdom had peace with God.

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