2 Chronicles – Chapter 17

2 Chronicles chapter 17

Verses 1-6 – Jehoshaphat was the fourth king of Judah and was thoroughly devoted to God. (Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Devotion to God, leads to victory in life–devotion to self leads to destruction.) Jehoshaphat was one of the outstanding kings of Judah. Since his father, Asa had lost his grip on the kingdom in his latter years, Jehoshaphat had to purge the land of high places and Asherah poles.

Verses 7–9 – Jehoshaphat realized that the people of Judah were illiterate, to the point of not knowing God’s laws. So, he initiated a nationwide religious education program. Because of his action, the nation began to follow God. He sent the Levites out and they carried copies of the law and instructed everyone in Judah how to live as God’s people.

Verses 10, 11 – The Lord rewarded Jehoshaphat’s single-minded commitment by causing the neighboring kingdoms to fear Judah; some even brought tribute.

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