2 Chronicles – Chapter 18

2 Chronicles chapter 18

Jehoshaphat’s Alliance with Ahab

Although Jehoshaphat was committed to God, he arranged his son to marry the daughter of the wicked king, Ahab, of Israel. Ahab had made Baal worship the state religion of the northern kingdom, Israel. Jehoshaphat formed an alliance with Ahab whose wife was the evil Jezebel.

When believers in leadership positions become allied with unbelievers, values are compromised and spiritual awareness is dulled. Whomever you aline yourself with, will influence you.

Verses 2-8 – Evil kings did not like God’s prophets bringing messages of doom. Therefore, they hired prophets who told them what they wanted to hear. At Ahab’s initiative, Jehoshaphat agreed to combine their armies to fight the Arameans. It seems as an afterthought, Jehoshaphat asked that they consult the Lord whether this was His will. Jehoshaphat asked if there were any Yahweh prophets. When God gave His answer through Micaiah, Jehoshaphat ignored it. It does no good to ask God’s advice if we’re going to ignore it when He gives an answer.

verses 12, 13 – The court messenger wanted to avoid controversy, so he told Micaiah to go along with the crowd.

Verses 14, 15 – There may have been a sarcastic tone in Micaiah’s first statement, because Ahab detected it was not the truth.

Verses 16, 17 – Micaiah begins to tell what God had showed him. Israel was scattered like sheep without a shepherd all along the hills and Ahab would be killed in battle.

Verses 18-24 – Micaiah states that Ahab’s prophets were the instruments of a spirit sent by God with the specific intention of leading Ahab into destruction with a lie.

Verse 29 – Ahab, knowing that the Arameans wanted to kill him, made it look like Jehoshaphat was the only king on the battlefield.

Verse 31 – Jehoshaphat’s troubles began when he joined forces with the evil king Ahab. At once he found himself the target for soldiers who mistakenly identified him as Ahab. Jehoshaphat cried out to God and God saved him. No matter how great the sin you can still call upon God to deliver you.

Verses 33, 34 – One lone Aramean archer shot a random arrow. The arrow not only hit Ahab but penetrated through the joints of his armor, something even the best archer was unlikely to achieve on purpose. When Ahab died at sunset Micaiah had been vindicated as the true prophet of Yahweh.

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