2 Chronicles – Chapter 27

2 Chronicles chapter 27

Not much is said about Jotham’s reign, but that he did what was right and followed God.

Verse 1 – Jotham’s reign didn’t have a great impact on his kingdom. Much of his time on the throne overlapped with the time his father, Uzziah, was king, though Uzziah was in isolation.

Verse 2 – Jotham was generally a good king, but his people became corrupt. Maybe it was because he didn’t attempt to purify the land of idolatry or encourage the people to return to God This sinfulness is vividly portrayed in Isaiah 1-5.

verses 7-9 – Jotham was a good king who maintained the kingdom in good condition but was taken for granted by the people . His reigned served as a transition into a dark time for the kingdom of Judah.

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