2 Chronicles – Chapter 29

2 Chronicles chapter 29

Verses 1, 2 – Just when it looked as if things were so bad they could never be made right again, Hezekiah becomes king and led Judah in returning to God. With the highest compliment the Chronicler could pay a king, he compared Hezekiah to king David because of his pursuit of righteousness.

Verse 3 – Very soon after becoming King, Hezekiah opened the doors to the temple again and undid the damage that Ahaz had caused.

Verses 4, 5 – The Levites and the priest had been unemployed during Ahaz’s last years, so they were willing to help clean the temple physically and spiritually.

Verses 10, 11 – We may not have to face a wicked king, but pressures and responsibility can render us inactive and ineffective. We as Christians should always be looking for ways to minister to others.

Verses 15-19 – Before the priests could do anything in the temple, they first had to cleanse themselves so that they would be in a state of spiritual and ritual purity. Once they had taken care of this they could remove all the things that did not belong there, particularly whatever was associated with idolatry. The Kidron Valley was used as a garbage dump where trash was burned.

Verse 21 – Throughout the Old Testament, the sacrifice was God’s appointed way of approaching Him and restoring a right relationship with Him.

Verse 22 – The blood sprinkled on the altar represented the innocence of the sacrificed animal taking place of the guilt of the person making the offering. The animal died so the sinner could live. This ritual looked forward to the day when Jesus Christ, God’s perfect Son, would shed his innocent blood on the cross in order that the sinful and guilty human race might be spared the punishment.

Verses 25-27 – Hezekiah followed the precedents that had been established by David. As soon as the offering began, the musicians joined in.

Verse 30 – Asaph was a seer who received messages from God for the nation through visions or dreams.

Verse 31 – A thank offering, one type of fellowship offering, was given as an expression of gratitude toward God. This would restore peace and fellowship with God.

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