Nehemiah – Chapter 3

Nehemiah chapter 3

Verse 1 – All the citizens of Jerusalem took part in rebuilding the walls, even the high priest. These walls had doors that were named after their purpose. Sheep gate: the gate used to bring the sheep in for the sacrifices. Jerusalem was a large city, and because many roads converged there, it required many gates. The walls were taller than the gates so the guards could stand above them and watch who came in. In times of peace, people would gather at these gates. City council was held there and shoe keepers set up at the entrances. Building the city walls and gates were not only a military priority, but also a boost for trade and commerce.

Verse 3 – One of the main gates into Jerusalem was the Fish Gate (2 Chronicles 33:14). The fish market was near this gate along with merchants from Tyre, the Sea of Galilee.

Verse 5 – The nobles of Tekoa were lazy and wouldn’t help. These men were the only ones who did not support the building project.

Verse 12 – Shallum’s daughters helped with the difficult work of repairing the city walls, also.

Verse 14 – The Dung Gate was the gate through which the people carried their garbage to be burned in the Valley of Hinnom.

Verse 28 – The Horse Gate was in the far eastern point of the wall, facing the Kidron Valley. Each priest also repaired the wall in front of his own house. Each person helped repair the gates that were closest to their homes, making a family effort of feeling it was their own.

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