Nehemiah – Chapter 10

Nehemiah chapter 10

Verse 28 – The walls were complete and the agreement God made with His people in the day of Moses restored (Deuteronomy 8). Our relationship with God should go far beyond church attendance and a 20 minute devotion time. It should affect our relationships, our time, and our natural resources. The truth is, though, it is hard to find people today who are totally devoted to God and His ways.

Verse 30 – God’s chosen people were to be a witness to the pagan world. However, time after time, marrying foreigners led God’s people into idolatry (1 Kings 11:1-11). Whenever the nation turned its back on God it lost its prosperity and influence for good.

Verse 31 – God recognized that the lure of money would conflict with the need for a day of rest, so trade was forbidden inside the city on the Sabbath. Forgoing all debts every seventh year was a part of the law (Exodus 23:10 and Deuteronomy 15:1, 2).

Verse 32 – The temple had been rebuilt under Ezra’s leadership about 70 years earlier, so the temple tax, offerings, and feasts had been restored.

Verse 36 – Although this principle of giving the first-fruits was not carried over into the New Testament times, the concept of giving God the best is still there.

Verses 37-39 – The principle at work here, was to ensure the support of the house of God and His workers, as it should be today.

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