Nehemiah – Chapter 12

Nehemiah chapter 12

The dedication of the city wall was characterized with joy and praise. King David had instituted music as a part of worship. Nehemiah repeatedly mentions David.

Scripture says Nehemiah assigned two large choirs to give thanks to God in this dedication. They were placed in opposite directions so they could be heard far off. With trumpets, tambourines, and stringed instruments they gave praises to God.

Can you imagine the celebration that took place? They were all thankful for having their city, own homes to live in, and of course the temple of God again. I think our celebrations of what God has done in each of our lives is way too small sometimes. Deliverance today should be a time of praise and worship to the All Mighty King, just like it was done in the Old Testament. I’m not talking about the animal sacrifices, because there was only one true sacrifice-Jesus. I’m talking about filling up with such a joy and thankfulness of what Jesus has done for us that it overflows into and onto others around us. God had turned their curse into a blessing.

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