Esther – Chapter 5

Esther chapter 5

Verses 1, 2 – Esther had fasted 3 days. The purpose of the fast was not to get God to do something, but to give her courage and strength for what she was about to do. On the third day, she dressed in her royal clothing and went to the inner court of the king’s palace where he could see her from his throne.

Verse 9 – Haman’s arrogance rises to new levels after the first banquet. But here lies the problem; even though Haman was floating with false honor and happiness over being asked to Esther’s banquet, a root of bitterness and hatred for Mordecai ruled his heart. Haman’s rage only got worse when he saw that Mordecai not only didn’t rise to honor him but didn’t even tremble! Defying Haman did not even make Mordecai nervous. Hatred for another will always backfire against you. Hebrews 12:15 says that the root of bitterness will defile many.

Verse 14 – Haman’s friends and family were as arrogant as he was. His wife and friends suggested they build the gallows 75 feet high to make sure everyone could see Mordecai hang. Haman had the gallows immediately built.

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