Esther – Chapter 8

Esther chapter 8

Verses 1, 2 –  All in one day Haman was forced to honor Mordecai, went to a second banquet, and was charged with trying to kill the queen and her people, and was hanged. “Now that’s a bad day!” Mordecai was elevated and honored, but the main issue of reversing the previous decree had to be dealt with. Esther had to address the king again, which she did. The king then extended his gold scepter towards Esther, allowing her to state her request.

Verses 7, 8 – Esther and Mordecai were given the opportunity to write a new decree that would counter but not rescind his original order.

Verse 10 – This order was sealed by the kings royal signet rig that was once worn by Haman, now worn by Mordecai.

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