Esther – Chapter 9

Esther chapter 9

Verses 5-16 – Haman had decreed that on the 13th day of the 12th month anyone could kill the Jews and take their property. No one, including Mordecai, could reverse the kings decree that he had signed. Mordecai had the king sign a new law giving the Jews the right to fight back. When that day arrived, the Jews only killed those who wanted to kill them and did not take their property. The Jews only wanted to defend themselves.

Verses 11-15 – The king didn’t seem to be too concerned with the slaughter of his subjects. He was more interested in what else Esther wanted from him. Again the scripture emphasizes Esther wanting the 10 sons of Haman hanged, was not revenge. This was the custom and common practice of the Persian period. This act would serve as a deterrent to those who wanted to harm the Jewish people.

Verses 19-22 – Some people tend to have short memories when it comes to God’s faithfulness. Mordecai wrote the events down and encouraged an annual holiday called Purim. Jews still celebrate Purim today. Today we celebrate Christmas and Easter to celebrate the birth, death , burial, and resurrection of Christ Jesus. Don’t let the celebration or exchanging of gifts overlook and crowd the meaning behind these great events.

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