Job – Chapter 5

Job chapter 5

Eliphaz Calls Job Foolish (He should have quit a while ago.)

Verses 2-7 – Now Eliphaz tells Job he shouldn’t be angry over what has happened, it’s a cycle of life.

Verse 8 – All three of Job’s friends make the assumption that Job has committed some great sin. None of them knew the conversation that had taken place between God and Satan. As Christians, we should all stop making assumptions that the crises, hardships, or deaths, are because “that person” sinned. God does not allow His children to suffer, “JUST BECAUSE!”

Verse 13 – This verse is quoted by Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:19 in he New Testament. We have to be familiar with the entire Bible to have a proper understanding, so that we don’t take verses out of context to beat someone up.

Verse 17 – This is a correct statement meaning–those whom the Lord loves and belong to Him, He chastens (Hebrews 12:5, 6). However, we know from the beginning of Job, Job was not being chastened for his sin.

Verses 17-26 – Pain can help us grow closer to God, especially when we don’t understand why “this ” is happening. However, we can’t make the mistake, as Eliphaz did in assuming that God will eliminate all hardships when we follow Him. He does promise, though, to deliver us out of all our trouble, in His timing, of course.

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