Job – Chapter 7

Job chapter 7

Job Questions God’s Continuing Trials

Verses 1, 2 – Job starts complaining that God treats humans like a harsh master.

Verse 9 – In the Old Testament Sheol is used both for the grave and for the final state of the wicked. At times it reflects a commonly held ancient view of a dismal underworld into which all people passed after death.

Verse 11 – Job felt deep anguish and bitterness, and he spoke openly and honestly to God. Sometimes, it’s better to let God know our frustrations instead of taking them out on others.

Verse 12 – Job stopped talking to Eiphaz and spoke directly to God. He also got very close to saying that living a righteous life didn’t matter to God. By doing this he also got close to saying God didn’t care about him. Isn’t that how we feel sometimes when our life comes crashing down ? Watch out what you say when going through a crises. This is how Satan can get you to forsake all that you know about God being a good God.

verses 20, 21 – Job gets a little sarcastic here. He refers to God as the observer or watcher of humanity; someone who mercilessly is watching him squirm in his misery. God does watch over us, but with mercy and compassion. Job just didn’t see the whole picture. God’s eyes are eyes of love.


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