Job – Chapter 8

Job chapter 8

Bildad the Shuhite Speaks

Verses 1-9 – Bildad was upset that Job was still claiming his innocence. By implication, Bildad suggested that Job had sinned in some way and was living in God’s judgment. God was just and could not be unjust in His judgment, therefore Job must be unjust. Bildad believed there is no exception.

Like Eliphaz, Bildad wrongly assumed that people suffer only as a result of their sins. Bildad also acted as if God was asleep and would awake if only Job would admit what he had done (verse 6).

Verses 14, 15 – Bildad wrongly assumed Job was trusting in something other than God for his security.

Verses 20-22 – Bildad summed up his case: If Job was truly righteous, God would sustain him.

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